Construction is a hazardous business for workers at any time of year, but particularly so in times of extreme heat or cold. Alongside the usual hard hat and steel-toed shoes, here are a few pieces of necessary summer construction gear.

Protection From the Sun

Summer sun can be deadly for your skin. It is important to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays using either sunscreen or lightweight clothing, or both. Be sure to choose clothing that is breathable and light in color to avoid overheating. Don’t forget to use UV-blocking sunglasses to protect the eyes from harmful rays, too.

Protection From the Heat

Overheating is a more immediate deadly threat in summer construction. The most important tool to protect you from this hazard is water, so keep a bottle on hand at all times and consider adding electrolytes to help combat the loss of nutrients expelled through sweating. A wet bandanna or cloth around the head or neck can also help with overheating. If working inside a piece of heavy machinery, consider using a small electric fan to help keep you cool while you sit.

When you think of construction safety gear, you might think of the kinds of gear that protects you from being struck by objects, but don’t forget to protect yourself from the natural elements as well.