No two coin-operated laundromats are the same. Insurance should be personalized to every establishment to ensure that owners and employees get great coverage without paying for unnecessary benefits. Rather than purchasing typical business insurance, you can find an insurance plan designed for your industry and tailored to your needs.

Premium Risk Coverage

Coin-operated laundry insurance offers a wealth of options, such as:

  • Auto coverage for business vehicles 
  • Backup for water 
  • Workers’ compensation 
  • Employment practices liability 
  • Umbrella liability 

A comprehensive insurance program can give you peace-of-mind that every aspect of your business is protected in case of an emergency. Even one malfunction or accident can threaten an enterprise, so it’s wise to manage your risks sooner than later.

Rewards for Five Star Service

Business owners who go above and beyond can qualify for laundry insurance, which keeps premium costs down. The experts at, for example, offer competitive rates from top carriers because they vet applicants for people actively involved in their enterprise.

Coverage is available in every state so there’s no excuse to get started investing in the laundromat that you proudly run. Policyholders gain the convenience of fast claim processing to help their business stay on track.

Eliminate the hassle of overspending for poor coverage. Customized laundry insurance can give you “all-lines” protection from one quality carrier.