Liability insurance for nursing homes
Liability insurance for nursing homes

Nursing homes and adult-care facilities largely focus on providing a good quality of lift for their residents. This largely means resident-centered care that focuses on flexibility and privacy. In order to provide the best possible care, it is important that the facility is able to mitigate risk and control losses. Liability insurance for nursing homes is a great option for institutions that want to deliver outstanding service.


How it Helps


A solid insurance plan can help facilities grow their bottom line as they are able to assess and appropriately address risk and stem any losses. There are a number of issues that are covered by liability insurance for nursing homes, such as:


  • General, professional and excess liability
  • Property coverage
  • Automobile policies
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Crime and violation of resident’s rights
  • Protection for medical directors
  • Employee coverage


Seeking Coverage


A nursing home in need of coverage should look for a provider with extensive experience in the industry. This can ensure that every possible exposure has been covered. When developing a policy, a facility should note any specialized services that may need coverage. For example, some policies can cover barbers and beauticians. If facility staff is unsure of their needs, they can work with a provider who can guide them.


Liability insurance for nursing homes can help save money in the event of an emergency or other situation. When a facility can appropriately mitigate risks and curb losses, it can redirect funds toward other areas of care. A solid insurance policy is one way an adult-care facility can provide residents with a better quality of life.