Running a jet ski rental company can be an exciting and dynamic business opportunity with lots of room for growth. In order to make this type of venture successful, you will need to be strategic about your risk exposure.

Safety Policies

Jet skis are lots of fun but they can also be somewhat dangerous if inexperienced operators use them unsafely. When doing rentals, it is important to remember that not everyone will know how to operate a jet ski rental. Offering some basic instruction and emphasizing the importance of key safety policies can help to prevent accidents and injury


Ongoing maintenance is necessary to keep jet skis in safe and operable condition. You should create an ongoing maintenance program to avert breakdowns or other costly repair needs.


You will need PWC insurance that covers your entire rental inventory. Bear in mind that the cost of insuring crafts that you rent out may be higher than the cost of insuring a single craft for personal use. Seek out coverage that is affordable but sufficient to address all of your potential risk exposure including personal injury expenses.

Organized operations management can help assure that a jet ski rental company is successful. Being attentive to risk and keeping your overhead costs down can facilitate strong revenue.