Police officers assume a lot of risk when they choose to become a law enforcement officials. Many situations that they face every day are dangerous, and the need for quick decisions occurs regularly. In the event that a snap decision leads to an act of force that is later found to be “wrongful”, police officers may need protection beyond what their department routinely offers.

What is Covered by Police Professional Liability Insurance?

This special liability insurance for police officers would cover damages such as bodily injury, personal injury or property damage that result from a use of force deemed a “wrongful act”. If a lawsuit is brought against the officer personally, this policy would also cover legal fees for the officer.

Who Needs Police Professional Liability Insurance?

This extra level of protection is designed to protect officers who encounter dangerous situations while out on the job. If your law enforcement role puts you out in the public protecting citizens, you deserve to be protected as well.

The additional peace of mind that having a police professional liability policy would bring cannot be underestimated. Contact your trusted insurance professional today to see if this type of policy is right for you.