Insurance coverage can usually be found through a brokering agency or original carrier company. For those looking for New Jersey contractors insurance, you might need to rely on an agency who offers coverage through national carriers and can offer multi-state coverage. There is a difference between local and national insurance, and your services might require the flexibility of a greater coverage area.

Coverage Distance

Insurance carriers must be licensed in the state where they are going to broker policies, but some clients have need of service coverage in other states. For those in the contracting business, you may reside in one state but offer services in multiple states. If you choose a local insurance company, make sure they can service other states and provide coverage from national carriers.

Coverage Options

For local companies brokering policies with nationwide carriers, you have greater access to a wider range of coverage options. Business risks and exposures may require commercial real estate, auto, theft, service interruptions or general liability coverage. Being able to choose from a number of potential carriers allows you to shop for the best price while still having complete coverage specific your business needs.
If you are in the market for New Jersey contractors insurance, look for a company that has access to national carriers and a multi-state service area.