Construction Insurance New York
Construction Insurance New York

The American economy counts on the construction industry. Builders erect high rises, apartment buildings, malls, and private homes, all of which can change the face of a town or neighborhood and bring infusions of cash over time. That’s a lot of responsibility on the builder. When a construction project has problems for any reason, litigation can follow. That’s one reason that builders need good construction insurance in New York, and they need policies tailored to their needs.


The Building Trades as a Unique Niche to Insure


A lot of different tradespeople work together on any major construction project. The general contractor has a lot of people to deal with, including some of the following:


  • Carpenters or framers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Masons
  • Landscapers


With all of those different people involved, there are many chances for miscommunication, misunderstanding, or simple mistakes in the execution of the building plan. Finding a good insurer with knowledge of construction insurance in New Yorkis important to make sure you are covered well enough.


Ask an Insurance Specialist


Someone who deals with a lot of builders will understand the unique insurance needs of that field. Construction insurance in New Yorkneeds to cover not just the building or the crews there, but also the tools and equipment that get used on scene. It has to be left overnight for weeks at times, which creates a unique situation. A good insurance agent will realize that and make the policy taking that into account. A combination of general liability, umbrella, and builders risk policies should stand a construction firm in good stead.