Being a condo owner has many perks: You generally don’t need to worry about mowing the lawn, cleaning your pool or fixing the roof and other exteriors. Nevertheless, you are still the legal owner of your individual unit and are typically responsible for any misfortunes that may occur in your private area. Fortunately, there are Florida condominium insurance programs that may help you in case something goes wrong.

If a guest slips or trips over something in your condo and falls, thereby injuring themselves, you may be held liable for any medical bills or lost wages. On the other hand, if you have liability coverage, your insurance company may settle with the injured party and pay the costs. This way, you won’t have to endure the stress of hiring a lawyer and hope that the judge rules in your favor.

Additionally, misfortunes may not just befall your guests. If a pipe accidentally bursts in your living room, damaging your carpet and furniture, you may not have the money to replace your belongings. Florida condominium insurance programs like personal property coverage may be extremely beneficial in these circumstances, since the insurance company may cover the costs of these items.

As a condominium unit owner, you are usually responsible for what happens inside your home, to other people and to your own personal property. Having the right insurance policies can be advantageous if any issues occur.