Safety of guests and visitors has always been a primary concern for those in the hospitality industry. As an owner or operator of a hotel or casino, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility. Hundreds of thousands of people come to your facility annually, hoping for a memorable experience. Of course, you want to ensure that they get that and more, but
You also understand that things can go wrong for any number of reasons.

This is why hospitality insurance from a New Mexico Insurance company is so important to have. It will respond to the type of claims that will occur at properties of this type. Not only is coverage vital, but you also need to consider the risks and exposures common to large operations such as these, as well as anything that might threaten the safety of your guests.

Risk management planning to improve hotel security

Hotels are easy targets for criminals, in large part because of the fact that tourists are known to carry large amounts of cash and often travel with valuable jewelry. Outsiders can weasel their way onto the premises, but often your own employees may be the culprits. Owners should do extensive background checks on all potential employees, properly train all staff members, and take any accusations of wrongdoing seriously.

For added safety, security cameras should be monitored and working at all times and there should be an emergency evacuation plan in place. All outside doors should be equipped with security locks, with all windows fitted with safety locks, and there should adequate lighting throughout the facility.

Parking lots should also be secure

Properly lit parking lots and grounds will help to further prevent criminal acts taking place. Have regular security patrols, especially when guests are exiting the hotel late at night. Anyone of your guests may wind up being a victim of a crime while on vacation, so instruct them to identify visitors prior to opening their door and to keep their door locked at all times.

At check out, you should request they return the key card, as it contains their personal information from registration and thieves could access this info. Always practice safety in hotel and resort management and carry a hospitality policy from a New Mexico Insurance agency while practicing sound hotel risk management.