When navigating marine cargo insurance, it may be difficult to understand when you need coverage and when you don’t. In the shipping business, sometimes the manufacturer covers the cargo. However, insurance may be left to the receiving warehouse or shipping company. It is not always clear who should be in charge of acquiring the policy, so it’s safer to have your own coverage just in case.

The Benefits of an Your Own Agent

If you hire your own agent, that particular individual will be dedicated to finding the best coverage for you. Should you need a consultation or clarification regarding guidelines, you have someone who will take your call and make sure you understand the situation. Having one more person you can trust in the shipping business can be an invaluable asset.

Protect Against the Unpredictable

Even if your contract says you are not responsible for insuring a shipment, that doesn’t mean you are protected against gaps in the other party’s coverage. You don’t want to be left with a large and unexpected bill, so consult with an agent to make sure you will be taken care of in any situation.

Marine cargo insurance may seem more difficult to navigate than any ocean, but with a knowledgeable agent or provider, you can purchase a great policy and peace of mind. Start with a little research to find the right fit for you.