As consumers move to keep up with technology, so too do those who service the consumers need to understand the impacts of digital trends. Insurance firms that have long relied on agents to deliver and convert leads might soon find themselves falling behind the competition, as digital insurance strategies are proving to be the most successful for growing coverage provider companies. as seen on, it is more costly to pursue old techniques and strategies than to embrace the digital opportunities that hold growth potential for the company. A digital presence that provides excellent customer service, converts leads and promotes client retention is a strategy worth the investment.

Areas of Opportunity

Most of the digital initiatives that have been pursued in the insurance industry include:

Creating customer portions
Addressing areas of weakness
Improving analytic capabilities
Digitizing individual services

However, as much as digital strategies hold promise, it can be hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Agents who are more comfortable pursuing leads and operating according to their comfort zone find it hard to convert to a less involved system. The infrastructure and IT systems of a company may be unable to produce the changes needed to effectively implement a new program. Lastly, the products offered may not fit neatly into an existing digitized mold. However, just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean the trends should be ignored. The sooner an agency can get on board, the more successful they will become.