The workplace is always changing and shifting. In recent times, a gig economy has arisen. This means that workers have become more or less on-demand workers that are coordinated by employers, online entities or staffing agencies. These workers earn pay by job rather than an hourly wage. When it comes to a business protecting its assets however for these types of workers, gig insurance is what is necessary.

Occupational Accident Coverage

One type of protection that you can count on is benefits of occupational accident insurance. This type of coverage offers benefits as follows:

  • Medical expenses
  • Survivors
  • Accidental death
  • Temporary and permanent disability

Now, when it comes down to it, these policies are more complicated than simple workers’ compensation coverage. However, they are also more flexible.

Importance of Coverage

Given these aren’t traditional workplace environments; worker’s compensation may not protect workers or employees. Most workers are independent contractors and hence they do not receive these benefits. Occupational accident coverage is the answer to this dilemma. It protects the worker and the company in the case of a workplace accident.

When it comes to the changing workplace, insurance companies have to change with it. This is why gig insurance is crucial for many different businesses. As the business world changes, protections have to change with it.