Many people right now are discovering the benefits of owning a mobile home. They offer freedom and convenience, for travel and for living. If you are among those who have just purchased or are considering an RV, there are some important things to know about mobile home insurance benefits.

What Kind of Coverage Is Needed?

Mobile home insurance is not the same as either auto insurance or home insurance, but, rather, a hybrid of the two. It is important to find an insurer who understands the RVer’s unique needs. The specifics of your policy can vary depending on the type of mobile home you own and your intended use.

Full-timers’ needs differ from those who use their mobile home strictly for recreation. Be sure your plan is tailored to your particular needs. Experts suggest mobile home benefits with coverage for damage to your motorhome or trailer from:

  • Fires and explosions
  • Hail, lightning, and windstorms
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Bursting water pipes
  • Falling objects

In addition to protecting your own property, you should consider liability insurance to protect you in case you are held responsible for accidents that result in damage to someone else’s property or to individuals on your property.

Owning an RV offers the ability to travel with the comforts of home. Getting the right insurance gives you peace of mind, leaving you to enjoy the freedom of life on the road.