If you are seeking drywallers insurance in Champaign IL, there are several options available depending on the type of coverage you need. Some contractors may only require general liability coverage while others may specialty coverage like commercial auto insurance. Here are five of the most popular insurance options for drywallers in Champaign, IL.

  1. Commercial General Liability – This policy protects from basic liability risks, including premises liability coverage and products liability coverage. It covers any on the job injuries as well as any harm caused by products used in drywall projects.
  2. Professional Liability Insurance – This policy protects contractors from problems that arise after a drywall job is concluded, such as medical expenses as the result of an allergic reaction.
  3. Commercial Property Insurance – Commercial property plans keep contractors safe financially when they suffer losses or damages to their properties. This includes everything from tools and equipment to supplies and the main office.
  4. Workers’ Compensation Insurance – This policy works for employers to protect against any costs that arise from injuries sustained by employees on the job. It also encompasses any wages lost due to illness.
  5. Commercial Auto Insurance – Under this policy, business vehicles used to transport drywall equipment and supplies are covered in the event of an accident.

These are just five of the most common options for contractors seeking drywallers insurance in Champaign IL.