Commercial vehicle coverage is a much more complex field of insurance than people expect when they are used to picking personal auto policies. Many of the same things need to be covered, like uninsured and underinsured drivers, damage, and vehicle liability, but there may be additional options that are unique to the purpose of your vehicle. For example, trucking companies and last mile couriers need motor truck cargo insurance and other transportation industry-specific coverage options.

Building Your Business Auto Policy

Even when you are calculating the simplest commercial auto insurance policy you can get as a business, factors like your mileage and the age of the vehicle can greatly influence the policy costs. That is why you need to work with a program that offers tailored coverage in each of the major areas your business needs. With the right business auto insurance, you’ll be covered for anything you do, whether it’s travel for sales and trade shows or product delivery and distribution for your own goods.

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Auto insurance programs for businesses are also built around the size of your company, so you might find some choices are better for owner-operators while others can cover an entire fleet. Keep that in mind as you shop, and look for the insurance companies that can build you a commercial auto policy that really suits your company.