Nestled in the heart of a planned community of Orange County California is a service that everyone needs—dentistry. A family dentist in Aliso Viejo is there to take care of all dental needs, from the first tooth to the adult set. More importantly, the dentist in this town is also a part of the community.

Aliso Viejo is Spanish for “old alder.” The alder is a type of tree that is closely related to the elm tree. More importantly, the alder tree is a native species of North America, with the red species chiefly found in the western region. It’s not hard to imagine that a community named after a tree would have a great deal of investment in the natural landscape. In fact, the community was planned within the local vicinity of Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

It stands to reason that anyone involved in such a community would have a strong commitment to that community. As part of its plan, Aliso Viejo was one of the first communities to plan its growth around the projected jobs that would be available within its borders. This means that the businesses here are truly local businesses with the proprietors and workers having been born and raised here, often for several generations dating back to the town’s foundation in the late 1800s.

Where better to find family dentist in Aliso Viejo than a dentist who is part of the Aliso Viejo family? To set up an appointment for your family, visit this website.