When you start your own business, you might not like to think about all the things that could go wrong. Keeping those things in mind, however, could inspire you to take the necessary steps to protect yourself against the fallout. When you are shopping around for business insurance in Henry County, a commercial liability policy will probably be on the top of your list. Liability coverage handles legal fees and any damages that follow.

General liability protects you when you are innocent of the charges against you. If someone sues your company, claiming negligence or injury, you will still need to retain an attorney and possibly pay for your defense even if you are not at fault. This type of policy covers those costs.

If, however, your lawyer suggests a settlement hearing and you end up owing another person money, your policy would cover the cost of that settlement. If your case goes to court and you are ordered to pay damages, you will be glad that you purchased business insurance in Henry County. This type of policy protects both you and the injured party.

Some potential problems can be solved without money exchanging hands, but a commercial liability policy covers those that require legal defense or a payout. Make sure your business is covered in the event that you are accused of damage or negligence.