From the early stages of design to the maiden voyage and beyond, the process of marine manufacturing is a complicated one. Marine manufacturers face unique challenges in the attempt to create products that can weather any storm. Thus, a marine product liability program is a necessity to protect the many components that allow all seagoing vessels—from private yachts to commercial ships—to function.

Oceangoing vessels may be subjected to nature’s worst in the form of extreme weather conditions and water exposure. This means that even the smallest marine products must be designed to stand up to severe circumstances over and over again while also delivering the safe, effective performance on which clients rely to bring ships and cargo safely to the dock. Wind and water are not the only factors that manufacturers should take into account: marine products should also be designed to withstand mechanical glitches, human error and other possible incidents.

Because a mechanical failure at sea can cause tremendous financial losses, it’s crucial for marine manufacturers to seek the protection of a marine product liability program. Such programs can insure against disasters not only throughout the design and construction phases but also for the long haul as the ship heads for the open ocean.