Not everyone can be a dog whisperer, and despite the countless hours you probably spent looking up videos on clicker training, positive reinforcement, and how to be a strong alpha so your pet knows who’s in charge, your dog is still going to get into trouble. If you’re lucky that will just mean having to replant a few rosebushes and steam clean a carpet or two, but if worse comes to worst, you might be looking at some hefty bills after Rover bit the nice young man who was trying to pet him. Without dog owner liability insurance, you could be paying those hospital bills yourself, and that’s not fun for anyone involved.

Dog bites can range anywhere from “just a scratch” to full blown stitches, and if your dog is responsible for the latter, you’ve just joined an elite club of dog owners who contribute to a yearly total of $400 million in medical bills. Yikes! But if you’re insured, there’s no need to worry; the bills will be covered. That’s not to say the Rover can go ahead and bite away of course. You still want to maintain that good report with your neighbor, especially if you want to be invited to next summer’s annual backyard barbecue. But with dog owner liability insurance, you can spend more time perfecting your steak rub, and less time worrying about your shrinking wallet.