Some renters and homeowners insurance policies include benefits for injuries caused by your canine, however, that is not the case with some policies. Every dog owner, no matter what breed, size or personality the dog may have, is exposed to the possibility of their dog injuring another person and therefore liable for the injury caused. It is essential for dog owners to have dog bite insurance to make sure they are protected in the event of such a circumstance.


Millions of Americans are bitten by a dog every year, most of which are children who suffer serious attacks that can rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills and liabilities. Considering that most victims of an attack or dog bite are friends, neighbors or relatives of the dog owner, purchasing insurance protects not just you, but those closest to you as well. This insurance will ensure that you and your loved ones receive proper treatment and protection.


Since there is no law that requires renters and homeowners insurance policies to include coverage for dog bites, many insurance companies exclude the policy. Some insurance companies do include the coverage, but only cover certain breeds while excluding others. It is important for dog owners to purchase dog bite insurance to ensure they are fully covered and protected from any liabilities that may be incurred.