If you run a small business that requires a vehicle, you may think to purchase a personal insurance policy is enough to cover your bases. However, this may not be true. Many people don’t realize that in addition to higher coverage amounts, commercial car insurance in Virginia offers several other benefits not found in personnel policies.

Liability on Any Auto

A business liability covers both current and future business vehicles. Personal insurance policies require you to purchase new coverage for each vehicle. Business policies also cover any non-owned vehicles or automobiles that you hire.

Trailer Interchange Policies

Does your business haul items that require trailer usage? If you haul trailers that you don’t own, your business policy can be customized to include trailer interchange insurance. This coverage protects you while you are transporting items using another person’s property.

Single-Deductible Options

If you use specialized equipment such as the abovementioned trailers, you don’t need to take out a separate policy for each item. Use one policy to extend to each of your vehicles and their specialized equipment. This leaves you to pay only one deductible and saves you money.

Whether you operate one business vehicle or an entire fleet, never skimp on commercial car insurance in Virginia. Doing so could land you inexpensive hot water that leaves you unable to maintain your company’s finances.