If you are doing business, you probably need cyber security insurance. Cybersecurity insurance is a way to protect your business and even yourself in the event of a cyber security breach, which unfortunately seem to be more and more common. If you are doing business that requires using technology of any sort, chances are good that your business will benefit from cyber security insurance in Carmel.

What Is Covered by Cyber Security Insurance?

You should know that your general liability insurance policy will probably not cover losses resulting from cyber security breaches. This is why it is vital that you have a separate policy for cyber security insurance in Carmel.

  • Depending on your exposures and the needs of your business, a customized policy can be created, one that covers all or some of the following:
  • Costs associated with restoring or replacing business assets lost through a cyber security breach
  • Costs associated with dealing with your customers and vendors, including notifying them of the breach and providing appropriate support and credit monitoring
  • Costs associated with businesses interruptions triggered by a security breach
  • Costs associated with cyber terrorism or cyber blackmail
  • Costs associated with forensic procedures to find the source of the breach

As you can see, there are many costs that may result from a cyber security breach. Don’t leave your business unprotected. Consider cyber security insurance in Carmel.