You may have worried over what will become of your loved ones once you pass, but have you given serious thought to how they will handle the financial aspects of your death? If you haven’t, don’t worry—most people tend to think about the emotional burden of death without giving much thought to the practicalities. However, practicalities are important too, and if you want your loved ones to be able to grieve properly without having to worry about the cost of post-mortem planning, you should invest in final expense coverage.

Final expense insurance is designed to help your loved ones fund the immediate costs associated with your death. While typical life insurance is meant to help your family cover long-term expenses such as mortgage payments, college tuition, utilities and other bills, final expense life insurance is designed to help them cover the cost of your casket, headstone, burial plot, funeral service, and burial. When all is said and done, your family may be looking at a bill of between $6,000 and $11,000, money that most people don’t have.

Final expense coverage can be extremely affordable, depending on how simple you make your policy. It is easy to obtain and doesn’t require the typical medical exams or in-depth scrutiny of normal life insurance coverage. If you want to make sure that your family is covered in the event of your death, look into final expense insurance today.