When you’re shopping for personal insurance for assets like your home and car, you often have the option of insuring a package of assets with the same company to save money. Policies like home and auto work together to avoid overlapping coverage that adds cost without any real benefit while scaling the cost of the coverage provided to reflect the broader range of risks in a comprehensive policy. Staffing insurance programs work the same way, and they offer similar bundled services, which is why it’s a good idea to check out the options available to your business.

Industry Specific Staffing Coverage

Since your exposure to risk changes depending on the industries you staff, your insurance needs to be built to suit your niche. That means it should include common coverage like general liability protection, staffing industry specific coverage like extended professional liability, and client industry specific coverage like errors and omissions, third party liability, and other important types of protection. When you work with a staffing insurance provider who understands the broad range of companies that contract workers through professional staffing firms, you’re better able to access that tailored coverage. Why? The reason is simple, those experienced firms have experienced workers and a large enough workforce to put you in touch with someone who truly understands what you do, who your clients are, and what you need to be fully protected.