If you are looking for the best coverage for your temporary staffing agency, temporary staffing insurance is probably where you’ll find what you need. There are so many different types of coverage available in such a policy that small and large businesses alike can provide their company, employees, and placed employees the best protection. The following are just a few of the types of coverage available:


  • Workers Compensation – This is not just protection for your personal employees, but for all placed employees as well. It covers a variety of industries, ensuring that your clients are protected no matter what job they are placed with.
  • General Liability – This provides protection for your assets and pays for obligations that are acquired because someone was injured on your property. It also provides financial compensation when one of your employees damages another’s property.
  • Commercial Auto – This covers your company vehicle. Whether you personally drive the vehicle, or have a secretary who runs errands, this is car insurance for the company car.
  • Crime – Because there could be so many people in and out of your business each day, it is important to protect yourself and the business against crime. This could include theft, vandalism, and a variety of other crimes.


Of course, there are many other coverage types available as well. Speaking to your insurance agent is the best way to find out which coverage you will need when you put together a policy for temporary staffing insurance.