How Many Hours Can a Commercial Truck Driver Work?

Every year in the United States, approximately 500,000 trucking accidents occur. To regulate how much a commercial truck driver can work, the United States Department of Transportation set regulations to ensure that truckers are not overworked and don’t become a danger to themselves and other drivers.

Work Vs. Duty Periods

Commercial truckers do not follow conventional work hours, so the Department of Transportation breaks a driver’s time into work and duty periods. A work period, which is seven days longs, is similar to a traditional work week, while a duty period is more like a workday. So, how many hours can a truck driver drive during those periods? All regulations are based on the number of total hours worked and not on a specific number of hours worked during a day. A commercial truck driver is allowed to work up to 60 hours in a work period.

The 14-Hour Rule

Drivers can work for as many as 11 hours during a duty period, and each duty period can only last for 14 hours. However, after eight hours of continuous driving, the driver must take a 30-minute break, which will be calculated as part of the duty period.

Commercial truck drivers must follow complex regulations set in place to give truckers the break they need to protect themselves and others.


3 Questions To Ask About Risk Management

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know how important it is to manage the risks inherent in doing their work. New Mexico business insurance takes the guesswork out of risk management because it protects companies from the risks they face on a daily basis. When considering insurance, here are three questions to ask.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Your insurance policy needs to cover for several potential expenses and costs you could face in the event of a claim being filed. These may include equipment replacement, new acquisitions and lost revenue due to business interruption, among others.

What Risks Is the Business Exposed To?

Pinpointing the exact risk exposures your business faces is one of the keys to getting the proper New Mexico business insurance. A qualified insurance consultant can help you determine your company’s particular risk exposure profile.

What Type of Coverage Is Right?

Insurance policies vary, and a general liability policy can be combined with a property insurance policy, typically in what is known as a BOP, or a business owner’s policy. These policies are designed to cover the majority of risks most businesses face. You may need additional special coverage depending on your company’s operating sector. When searching for New Mexico business insurance, make sure these key questions are top on your list. Knowing the answers will help you get the coverage that’s right for your company.