Investing in Contingent Liability Coverage

If your business performs work or manufactures products that are then sold for use, chances are you could use indirect liability coverage. Also called third-party liability sometimes, this contingent liability insurance policy is designed to protect you from liability exposure when a third party faces losses due to issues like design flaws or substandard workmanship. This coverage can be quite important in the event of an incident like a manufacturing recall, and understanding your exposure starts when you open dialogue with an insurer who really understands contingent coverage.

Contingent Liability vs. General Liability

Many general liability policies carry some contingent coverage, but relying strictly on the coverage in a general policy can be costly. Some business models have no need for extended contingent coverage, but the ones who need it can not afford to go without. General liability policies have limits for each type of liability covered as well as the overall policy, so it is possible to overextend yourself paying for policy maximums that truly protect you in each area. It’s a lot more cost effective to shop for a median coverage option in the general policy, then extend the coverage needed in each area with products like contingent liability insurance. Most businesses only need to extend liability protection in limited directions with this approach, maximizing the cost efficiency of both policies purchased.


Understanding Products Liability Coverage

Many businesses produce, sell, or distribute goods and services. If you are involved in any part of that process, and one of the products is faulty, you can be held responsible.

Products liability coverage can help protect you in the case a claim is filed against your business. It provides coverage for expenses incurred when another party claims a product you had a part in bringing to market caused them injury, death, or property damage. Here are some examples of businesses that should consider products liability coverage.


Plumbers, electricians, and construction workers are a few examples of professions that perform work in people’s homes. If the work is completed incorrectly and leads to bodily harm or death, the policy would help cover legal costs.


If your business is making a product that will go to market, mistakes can occur. Products liability insurance would cover lawsuits resulting from design flaws or any issues that cause a customer harm.

Stores and Distributors

Even if you are selling a product you had no part in making, you can be held responsible if it turns out to be faulty. Liability insurance will protect you if the product causes harm or damage.

A trusted insurance provider can help you obtain proper products liability coverage to protect your business and its role in the supply chain.


Coverage for the Water Treatment Industry

The water treatment business is critical for the safety and well being of every American. That is why it is so important to obtain a high-quality and trustworthy water treatment business insurance policy. Whether a claim against a treatment plant is legitimate or not, insufficient coverage could result in huge and unnecessary losses for the company. This may not be the end of the world for a large corporation, smaller business groups could be devastated by such an event.

Who Needs Water Treatment Business Insurance?

The water treatment industry includes multiple aspects of the treatment process. This type of insurance is not only available to treatment plants and facilities but also to companies that mix and distribute chemicals for treatment, as well as those that produce and service the equipment necessary for the task. Those who test the water or perform other scientific and consultation services also require this type of business coverage.

What Coverage Is Included?

A water treatment business policy covers all of the standard and necessary business risks. This includes worker’s compensation, general liability, commercial auto insurance, and more. There are also some more industry-specific coverages including but not limited to the following.

  • pollution liability
  • boiler and machinery insurance
  • products liability and recall
  • fire legal liability

Securing a policy from an experienced insurance provider is the best way to ensure that your business will be sustained long term in the case of a claim.


3 Tips for Improving Your EMR

Workers’ compensation coverage helps by replacing lost wages and paying medical bills of employees who are injured or contract an illness on the job. If you ask the experts at, “How do I find my experience modification rate?” they will tell you it calculated using both the classification rate of jobs on your payroll and the claims made on your policy. You can’t do anything to change the inherent risk of the tasks required to perform a job, but you can improve your EMR with increased safety measures.

  1. Implement Safety Training

Every employee should have a thorough knowledge of safety procedures that are relevant to the job. Regular training and adequate signage can keep employees up-to-date on protocols that reduce injuries and thus the number of claims.

  1. Form Safety Committee

While some jobs are more dangerous than others, every worker faces risks. Forming an employee-led safety committee can give them a sense of ownership in keeping the workplace safe.

  1. Improve Work Conditions

Old equipment can pose a safety hazard. Regular inspections and upgrades can alleviate some of these dangers. When injuries occur, evaluate the situation and look for ways to improve conditions.

Even jobs with higher classification rates can be made as safe as possible. Improving the safety of your workplace can lower your EMR and thus your workers comp premiums.


Professional Liability Insurance for Indianapolis Architects

Working in the field of architecture requires that you hold yourself to an incredibly high level of accountability. For this reason, architects must have the best available professional liability insurance in Indianapolis. With a good policy, your firm can be protected against claims that result from financial loss and many other legal issues connected to errors and omissions. Lawsuits can sprout from seemingly harmless incidents, and you can never be too careful when it comes to this type of coverage.

For architects and designers in Indiana, a customized policy is an incredible asset. Your professional liability insurance in Indianapolis can cover basics like injuries, property damage and professional negligence, as well as more specific incidences like structural defects and federal fines. Each company operates in a different way, and that’s why an insurance policy should be designed with your particular business in mind. You should never let your insurance dictate the manner in which you work, and a good insurance agency will make sure that you have coverage that fits your specific needs. There are plenty of companies that can offer a general policy, so when you start your search for a local agent, be thorough and ask lots of questions so you can be sure you’re getting the perfect coverage for your business.


Liability Insurance is Necessary for Any Hardworking Professional

Becoming a professional takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money. Practicing as a professional requires a conscientious work ethic. Whether you are an accountant, an engineer, or a lawyer, professional liability coverage is necessary to protect both your livelihood and the investment you have made in your career. If you are a hardworking professional in the Hoosier State, professional liability insurance in Indiana can provide you with tremendous peace of mind.

Preliminarily, as a working professional, you may be required by regulation to carry a certain amount of professional liability coverage. Check with your profession’s licensing board to determine how much insurance you are required to have.

As a professional, you are expected to put your extensive knowledge and technical skill to work for your clients. Unfortunately, if you make a mistake or omission, you could lose it all. Lawsuits are on the rise, and regardless of whether they are legitimate or frivolous, the cost of defending a suit can harm your practice. Even worse, some professionals never recover from work stoppages caused by having to defend against litigation. Comprehensive professional liability insurance in Indiana can protect you from these risks.

As a professional, you to meet your legal requirements for professional liability insurance. But, having a comprehensive policy can give you peace of mind and protect your hard work.


How to Find the Best Professional Liability Insurance in Indianapolis

If you are a management consultant, physician, dentist, property manager, designer, interior decorator, IT consultant, insurance agent, or offer any professional service in Indianapolis, you need to find excellent professional liability insurance in Indianapolis. Professional liability insurance in general provides you with legal defense in cases where people accuse you of errors or omissions. Obviously, even if you perform your service to an incredibly high degree, there will always be a client that thinks that you slighted them or made a mistake, and not being properly protected for that circumstance could cost you a significant amount of money in a lawsuit.

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a great legal firm that offers professional liability insurance in Indianapolis. Look for a firm that is not only willing to help provide legal defense, but will take a close look at your internal procedures to see if there is anything more you can do to prevent any unfortunate legal accusations. Also, look for a firm that is interested in carefully accommodating your industry and providing just terms and fees. For example, it is likely that a dentist is in a position of higher risk than an interior decorator, they should not pay the same for the same liability insurance since the former is more likely to suffer legal accusations for true or perceived mistakes. With the proper firm supporting you and great, ethical procedures, you should not have to worry about your finances or reputation suffering at the hands of legal accusations.


Qualities of a Great Professional Liability Risk Advisor

What do you look for in professional liability risk advisors? First, you need to find someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. There is no reason you should employ an untested agency for your coverage needs. Of course, a fantastic advisor is made of more than just decades of experience.

They Understand Your Industry

A quality PL risk advisor will have a thorough understanding of your needs and your industry. A dental professional and a Wall Street regular have different risks and cannot be expected to benefit from the same cookie cutter plan. A superior PL risk advisor will be prepared to identify your policy gaps and help you find the best solutions.

They Can Deliver Customized Programs

A PL risk advisor gives you greater access to policies that fit your needs. He or she can offer competitive pricing, tailored coverage, comprehensive insurance, market access and risk management services. Your advisor should be a key part of your business team and give you plenty of dependable advice.

Before you agree to work with profession liability risk advisors, meet with them in person. Make sure you work with someone you trust to give you the best industry guidance, so you can continue to make wise business decisions. With the right advisor, you can significantly decrease the risk involved with your enterprise.

Reasons to Cover Your Professional Liability in Atlanta

Professional liability in Atlanta can be a big problem when it is not sufficiently covered, particularly for small businesses. If you run a business that provides services to your clients, it is a good idea to get a sense for what professional liability insurance is and what it has to offer your business. With proper coverage, your business can thrive, but without, it may be put at financial risk.

Atlanta is home to many great service providers, including healthcare providers, attorneys and social workers, and this is why coverage for professional liability in Atlanta is so important. These are all noble professions that make a living out of assisting others, but these professionals are also exposed to a number of liabilities. Clients who feel that the services provided were somehow lacking can file a suit against these individuals, which often leads to a lengthy and costly claims process. In the event of malpractice, errors and omissions or any other type of mistake on the service provider’s part, the business will be forced to compensate the client. In cases such as these, commercial insurance generally does not apply. However, with full professional liability insurance, the burden of footing this bill falls on the insurance company rather than the business itself. In other words, this coverage protects businesses from expensive claims and allows them to focus on the job at hand.

What Is Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance?

If you are in the market for a full insurance coverage package for your real estate agency, you have likely come across professional liability insurance. Perhaps you already even have this coverage, but have never truly understood its implications. Real estate professional liability insurance constitutes a key component of any real estate agency’s coverage plan, precisely because it covers one of the largest liabilities facing real estate agents: the possibility of errors and mistakes in the services they provide.

There are various mistakes that a real estate professional can make while on the job, but those pertinent to this coverage are specifically those that jeopardize the assets of their clients. For example, a real estate professional could advise their client to offer an unreasonable price on a home, or fail to disclose information regarding asbestos in the house. If a client is displeased with the service provided and feels they have grounds for an errors and omissions claim, an uninsured real estate agency could end up paying a small fortune in compensation. Proper professional liability insurance ensures that real estate companies are covered against these claims.

The stakes for real estate are so high that it behooves real estate agencies to get all the insurance coverage they need, particularly in the form of real estate professional liability insurance. Otherwise, the business could take a real financial blow in the event of an especially costly claim.