Common Wood Floor Problems and Their Solutions

Wood floors have been a popular flooring option for centuries. This is because they’re durable, they’re comfortable and they’re attractive. They’re also an investment, just like the rest of your house, so taking care of them is important. However, there will be times when they react to the environment or wear. Here are some common issues homeowners may face with their wood flooring as well as solutions.


Nothing stands out more than warped floors. If the floor is buckling upward, the cause is too much moisture. The floor could have been installed when it was too dry, or there is moisture collecting beneath the flooring in the basement or crawl space. Correct any moisture issues. The flooring may be salvageable if the grooves weren’t damaged.


Staining on wood floors is caused by moisture and pets. The stains are usually discoloration of the finish so they will have to be sanded and refinished. If pets were the cause of the staining, wood bleach will remove the stain and the odor, but it should be applied to the flooring in the entire room to ensure a consistent finish.

Scratches and Dents

There’s nothing you can do but refinish your floors once it has scratches and dents, but you can take preventative measures by placing a protective layer of felt between your furniture legs and your floor.

Qualities of an Outstanding Insurance Company

When you are looking for insurance and want the best coverage, what you are really looking for is a highly qualified agent and company who can help you assess your situation and identify products that fit. Here are 5 things that a quality insurance agency such as Aegis General Insurance should offer their clients.

Years of Experience

You need to look for a company that has been providing insurance that is relevant to your situation for several years. But as with many other things, an agency’s experience is all about quantity, not quality. Take the time to look for positive reviews online, talk to friends and family about who they have used, and talk to several companies to get a feel for how it would be to work with them.

“Niche” Insurance Policies

Lots of companies provide the basic auto, home, and life insurance policies, but your situation might not fall into one of these categories. If you need to insure a manufactured home, or you live in a low-value home, then your situation will be different and you need an agent who understands that and can provide just what you need.

Customizing a General Commercial Liability Insurance Solution

Unintentional mistakes that cause accidents in your business can lead to physical, financial or psychological injuries. Anyone coming into contact with your employees can file a lawsuit against you for funds required for ongoing medical care and unfulfilled obligations in a business contract. General Commercial Liability insurance assists your company through challenging circumstances by paying any obligated costs of legal defense and damages, up to the selected policy limits.

Solutions for Every Scenario

Your business faces a broad range of unique and unpredictable potential issues. General Commercial Liability Insurance can help mitigate potential lawsuits. Coverage examples include:

  • Operational Premises P General Commercial Liability Insurance can cover charges if the business and the owner are sued for negligence
  • Completed Operations and Products P This type of insurance covers legal fees and related awards if a former client wins a suit over a delivered product or service
  • Data Breaches P Cyber Liability coverage helps provide you with forensic and legal assistance and data security risk management services for your clients
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance P Provisions cover directors, your business entity, employees and officers for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and other employment-related offenses lawsuits

If you do not have liability insurance coverage and your income cannot cover the entire cost of a lawsuit or claim, the balance of the funds might come from your private assets. For that reason, it is vital that General Commercial Liability insurance covers all of your business needs.