Managing a business is like solving a giant puzzle every day. Sometimes the pieces fit together easily, while other times you struggle to find the solution. How employees get to and from job sites is a piece of this puzzle, and the way you fit it together may differ in various situations. One variable that complicates matters is that of subcontractor driving. Here are some pros and cons of this practice.


If you truly need the services of a particular individual but he or she is temporarily without another means of transportation, then you should do what makes the most sense for your company goals. Because they are not covered on your vehicle insurance, you should first ascertain that contractors have their own policies.


You risk liability should a subcontractor injure others or damage their property while driving. Another major downside to allowing subcontractors to drive company vehicles is that the practice blurs the distinction between contractor and employee.

There is no one right answer to the question of whether you should permit a subcontractor to drive a company vehicle, and the benefits depend on the reason behind your allowance of it. By knowing the laws and the details of your insurance policy, you can make an informed decision.