A business owners policy in Carmel is a type of business insurance package devised for the convenience of small and mid-sized companies. It is a culmination of services meant to contain coverages that will protect your business.

Key Features

BOP insurance includes a lot of different coverages in one policy. Some main features may include:

  • • Property and Liability Insurance Bundle: Many companies find the need to invest in both property and liability insurance to adequately protect their business. In one bundle your business gets protection from claims by non-employees of bodily injury, accidental damage to others’ property, medical fees associated with injuries and protection for your business’s equipment, merchandise, and other property.
    • Multiple Locations: Many policies will ensure your property for up to five office locations. This makes it easier to protect your inventory and other equipment at multiple locations at once. It may even cover leased furniture or equipment.
    • Additional Options: Out-of-pocket costs can have a real impact on your small business. You may be able to bundle additional coverage options that protect you against costs incurred is forced to close temporarily due to theft, fire or loss of data.


These plans are beneficial to small businesses that are on a budget. A business owners policy in Carmel may save on costs over purchasing individual plans. It also reduces the decision a business owner needs to make. You get the basic policies you need in one fell swoop.