Owning your own business in Orange County, California, comes with many and varied costs. One of those is insurance. But how can you tell if you’re underinsured, or even carrying too much insurance? A risk analysis can help with that, and give you advice on what you need in OC insurance.

Trained experts in your industry can take a look at your operation and determine the real liabilities that you’re facing. They can discuss the different types of insurance available to you, and whether or not your liability is high enough to cover the costs in the event of a claim. They’ll take a look at your processes, including everything from safety to cyber security, and advise you on the biggest risks.

If you’ve gotten an analysis and determined that your risk is higher than expected, there are steps you can take. An appropriate risk management program will help you limit the hazards by isolating dangers and taking steps to reduce or eliminate them. For example, storing credit card numbers on file carries the risk of a hacker breaking in. A risk management program will likely include network security measures that limit the weak spots and isolate the avenues for access.

Speak to an OC insurance agent that offers risk analysis and risk management services, and see what steps you can take to lower your monthly premiums while maintaining the coverage you need.