What to do if You Are Injured at Work

Though high-risk industries like construction and automotive are more likely to see injured workers, the truth is that work injuries can happen at any job. You might slip and hurt your back on the wet bathroom floor, or perhaps slam your fingers in the door. There are steps to take if you sustain an injury on the job.

Look at Insurance

Chances are that your job has an insurance policy that covers work-related injuries. Go to your human resources agent and speak to them about how you can access these benefits. Companies like David Insurance have special worker’s compensation for situations like these. If your company has no worker’s comp, check into David Insurance and see if they can help.

Tell Your Supervisor

Let your direct supervisor know what has happened as soon as you are able to. There will be paperwork to fill out and documents to sign. Your supervisor might also have advice for you on how best to approach a doctor’s visit and file an insurance claim.

Take Care of Yourself

Do what you can to keep yourself healthy. After visiting the doctor, follow their recommendations closely. Take all medications prescribed to you, ice or heat the injury as needed and rest as much as you can. Not following the doctor’s orders could not only make your injury worse, but it might invalidate your insurance claim. Work injuries are the opposite of fun. Taking the right steps after sustaining one can get you back at work and back on your feet sooner.


Restaurant by the Bay

Opening a restaurant is an exciting endeavor. Even more exciting is the prospect of opening a restaurant along the coast. As beautiful as the view might be, educate yourself on the potential risks of this lovely piece of real estate. You don’t want your dream to come crashing down after a disaster.


First things first: pick a quality insurance agency that specializes in marina coverage. You might not own a boat, but being along the waterfront has risks of its own.

Flooding: High tides can result in unwelcome water making an appearance inside your property. Damages can be crippling, but a quality insurance agency can help.

Storm damage: When Mother Nature shows her fury, it can be powerful. Oceanside storms can cause property damage to windows, roofs and the structure as a whole.

Vessels: It’s unfortunate, but it happens: a badly steered boat can strike a building and cause serious damage. Being covered from these types of collisions can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seafood Quality

Know exactly where your food is coming from, and be meticulous in proper refrigeration policies. The numbers don’t lie: every year, 48 million Americans get sick from foodborne illnesses. Establish a good relationship with reputable vendors and have strict policies with staff involving storing and reheating food.

Only you can decide if the risk is worth the reward when buying beachfront property. Running a business by the sea can be beneficial, but knowing the risks ahead of time can make your decision easier.


Why You Should Think About Getting Life Insurance

Although you may not think you need it, life insurance is a valuable form of insurance that should be purchased by individuals looking to protect their loved ones in the event of their untimely death. You can choose a plan provided by a life insurance company in Connecticut or other areas. Different plans are available and may even continue to grow interest over time.

Think Ahead for Your Family

No one likes to think about dying but preparing for it can be a huge benefit for your family. If you were not around to take care of your loved ones, you would likely want to make sure their needs were met both emotionally and financially. If you know things would be hard on your partner if you were not around, looking into a life insurance plan with a life insurance company in Connecticut is the right thing to do. If something happened, the money from the plan would go to whomever you designate in your paperwork. It could be used for basic needs, college tuition, and much more.

Have Final Expenses Covered

Even after a person passes away, any debt that they had before death often falls on the surviving family members. By having life insurance, you can make sure that all your final expenses are covered, including payments for any debt you owe as well as the cost of funeral expenses.

Life insurance is worth having because it offers more financial protection for your loved ones. It allows you to make sure that your final expenses are also covered.


Coverage That Can Last Generation After Generation

During an emergency, you trust that your insurance can handle it all. Unfortunately, many agencies show their true colors during this exact time. You can find yourself underinsured or paying high deductibles. Thankfully, Walker and Associates Insurance is here to save the day. Our commitment to service for over six decades has made us experts in the industry. This proficiency in combination with our incredible customer care makes us the right choice for coverage.

Our History of Amazing Service

Founded by Doug Walker, Sr. in 1960, our agency has put the customer’s experience as our top priority since day one. We have assisted many generations of families and decades of different businesses in achieving coverage that goes above and beyond. We care for our clients and treat every one that walks through our doors with the professionalism and understanding they deserve.

A Policy Ready for You

Walker and Associates is excited to offer services for both business and individuals. Our commercial lines range from general liability to commercial auto to cyber liability. Meanwhile, our individual customers can enjoy auto, health, life and homeowners coverage. Each of these are built specifically for you.

Be the next to enjoy our amazing customer care and strong coverage. Reach out to one of our team members and learn how you can build insurance that can last for generations!


Staffing Insurance: Three Fundamental Coverages Explained

There are several factors at play when building a staffing agency insurance policy. With so much risk involved, it’s vital that you have the necessary coverages for your company, internal employees and contractors. Here are three fundamental coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability

General liability covers you in case a third-party suffers bodily injury or property damage because of your business. For staffing agencies, this may be a customer hurting themselves in your office or damaging their car in your parking lot. In such a situation, your policy would cover your legal fees as well as any expenses for which you’re found liable.

Professional Liability

Professional liability covers you in case a third-party claims that an error on your part led to them experiencing a loss. For staffing agencies, an example of this may be a client suing you because a contractor you hired is totally unqualified for the position. Like general liability, your policy would cover your legal fees and other associated expenses.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation covers your in-house employees and contractors in case of a workplace accident that leads to an injury, illness or death. Your policy would cover any legal or medical fees as well as lost wages. In case of death, your policy would be used to make payments to beneficiaries or covering funeral costs.

Finding staffing agency insurance on your own can get complicated. Work with an experienced agent who can simplify the process and help you find a policy to match your needs.


Gig Economy Insurance: What You Need to Know

The workplace is always changing and shifting. In recent times, a gig economy has arisen. This means that workers have become more or less on-demand workers that are coordinated by employers, online entities or staffing agencies. These workers earn pay by job rather than an hourly wage. When it comes to a business protecting its assets however for these types of workers, gig insurance is what is necessary.

Occupational Accident Coverage

One type of protection that you can count on is benefits of occupational accident insurance. This type of coverage offers benefits as follows:

  • Medical expenses
  • Survivors
  • Accidental death
  • Temporary and permanent disability

Now, when it comes down to it, these policies are more complicated than simple workers’ compensation coverage. However, they are also more flexible.

Importance of Coverage

Given these aren’t traditional workplace environments; worker’s compensation may not protect workers or employees. Most workers are independent contractors and hence they do not receive these benefits. Occupational accident coverage is the answer to this dilemma. It protects the worker and the company in the case of a workplace accident.

When it comes to the changing workplace, insurance companies have to change with it. This is why gig insurance is crucial for many different businesses. As the business world changes, protections have to change with it.


Accidents on Personal Property

Insurance needs vary by location and applicable regulations. For instance, those in the state of New Jersey will find the government requires three types of auto insurance. Potential Palisades insurance needs will include vehicle coverage, but also address residential and commercial concerns.

Property Ownership

Whether you own a piece of commercial real estate or simply maintain your residence in the area, there are several liabilities you might encounter. There are four categories of individuals that will associate with your property: invitee, licensee, social guest, or trespasser. Depending on the situation, any one of these individuals may bring a lawsuit against you or your business for an injury sustained while on your property. There are several factors that are considered when it comes to legal issues involving accidents. They could include:

  • Circumstances by which the individual entered the property
  • The operations occurring on the property
  • The probability of an accident or injury occurring while on the property
  • The reasonable effort put forth by the owners to avoid, repair or warn of dangerous conditions on the property

With Palisades insurance inquiries, you will want to consider the most comprehensive way to address legal liabilities with property ownership. The limits and exposures will vary between residential and commercial properties, so be sure to explain in full detail the uses and intentions for your property.

Coverage and Service That Surpasses Expectations

Your insurance coverage should come from an agency that has premium level service and fantastic coverage options. David Insurance is that agency. Our years of service in the New Jersey area has provided us with the expertise that you need from a company. As an independent agency, we have also built connections and partnerships with some of the best insurance carriers from all around the industry. Allow us to guide you in your coverage journey.

Our History and Approach

Founded in 1981, we have served thousands of businesses and families from all around the Glen Rock area. We do so by working with the right agencies. See, as an independent company we can pull from our many partners in order to give you the kinds of policies and prices that work for you. Our team works with integrity and passion towards your best interests. This way we can help anyone from the smallest businesses to young families to large corporations.

What Can We Provide?

Along with excellent service, we supply an extensive catalog of coverage lines. For businesses we offer:

As for individuals and families we can help you out with auto, homeowners, flood, earthquake and personal umbrella insurance.

Let David Insurance handle the negotiation for you. Just contact us in person or by the phone today!


4 Things To Know About Malpractice Insurance for Lawyers

Many businesses benefit from an errors and omissions insurance policy. Lawyers are no exception. Mid size law firm malpractice insurance for lawyers covers the errors and omissions for firms with 10 to 49 attorneys. The reasons for solo practitioners to have malpractice insurance apply for mid-size firms as well.

Disclosure Requirements

While obtaining malpractice insurance is optional in most states, there are now disclosure laws in over half of them. Those states require lawyers to disclose whether or not they have malpractice insurance and make clients sign a disclosure statement.

Past Coverage

Most insurances do not cover past incidents, but malpractice insurance often does if there was coverage during the time. Lawsuits arising from an uncovered time are the sole responsibility of the practicing attorney.

State Requirements

Not every state requires attorneys to carry malpractice insurance. Currently, the only state legally requiring all lawyers to have malpractice insurance is Oregon.

Malpractice Suit

As a practicing attorney, you probably have given little thought to receiving a legal invoice. It is wise to hire an outside attorney to defend you in a malpractice lawsuit.

Attorneys understand the financial aspects of any legal case. Protect your firm with mid size law firm malpractice insurance for lawyers. Being on the other side of the invoice is easier with insurance coverage.


How to Use Website Templates Effectively for Insurance Agents

Most people understand the importance of having a website in the age of the internet. This is certainly true of insurance agents, as this is a vital way to attract new clients and connect directly with them. Searching for insurance websites templates to build your website from can be one way to ensure that your website is engaging, both in looks and use. In order to make the most out of a template, here are a couple things you can do.

Have a Solid Idea for Your Brand

Everything has a brand. Whether you’re a big agency, a small one or an individual agent, you’re going to want to be consistent in your website design and beyond. This means people will recognize that look as being yours. If you know what kind of appearance you want for your brand, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down what template will work best and what graphics and assets to include.

Make It Yours!

The best part of using a template is the variety of end results you can have. While multiple people can use the same insurance websites templates for different brokers, the easy customization options for most templates allow for creativity to differentiate from one website to the next. Make the most of these options to make your website the one and only that looks the way you want it to.