The Who, What and Why of Directors and Officers Insurance for Condo Associations

Condos help individuals purchase their living space in dense metropolitan areas without moving to the suburbs or paying for expensive housing near the city center. Most condominiums are run by associations. Condo association directors & officers liability insurance offers financial protection for the condo in the event of a lawsuit.

The Who

Condo associations have an advisory board representing the association and making decisions on its behalf. A resident or employee of the association can file a claim against one of the board members for a variety of reasons. One lawsuit can cause financial problems for the association as a whole.

The What

Directors and officers liability insurance typically covers financial losses from a claim filed against a director or officer of the condo association. Most policies cover the legal costs associated with a lawsuit including awarded settlements.

The Why

A director or officer of the condo association who commits fraud, misuses funds, fails to comply with workplace laws or misrepresents the assets of the association can be sued. The claimant can sue both the offending person and the association for financial damages.

Protect the condo association and the tenants with condo association directors & officers liability insurance. While the association serves the condo residents, lawsuits can happen and provide a need for liability protection.


Insurance Coverage for Boat Borrowing

Owning a boat can be a great deal of fun for you and anyone else you go boating with. However, accidents can also be quite costly. Just as it is advised and encouraged for a car owner to purchase insurance for their vehicle, it is also an excellent idea to find an insurance policy to cover for your boat.

A standard boat insurance policy can safeguard you from costly damages and injuries involving your boat and passengers. However, this is only for if you’re the one using your boat. In the case of letting someone else borrow your boat, you’ll require temporary boat insurance.

What if Your Friends or Family Want to Sail?

With general boat insurance, you and your boat are covered, but anyone else who may borrow your boat is excluded. While this is important coverage to have, if you plan on sharing your boat and allowing others to sail it, it simply isn’t enough. If something were to happen while they are sailing, you would have to cover for the costs required for repairs, injuries, legal fees and anything else involved.

Then What Insurance Do You Need?

In order to include temporary boat insurance within your program, you’ll need to find an umbrella policy. This may mean you have to pay more, but umbrella insurance covers everyone involved with your boat. If you plan on allowing people other than yourself borrow your boat, a temporary boat insurance policy is less expensive than paying out of pocket in the case of an accident.


How Privacy and Network Security Liability Insurance Protects Your Company

Small business owners work hard to grow their companies. If your company requests and maintains customer information, you must manage it properly. If you don’t, you may watch your hard work and financial investment go down the drain. With a privacy and network security liability policy, such as the one from Axis Insurance, you can likely protect sensitive customer data and protect your organization from lawsuits.

Modern Insurance for Modern Companies

Gone are the days when small business owners could avoid collecting customer data or retaining it a computer format. Nowadays, virtually every company collections customer financial, personal, health, and other sensitive information. If someone comprises your storage protocols, you could lose important data. Even worse, your customers may surrender both their privacy and their cash.

Insurance Protection for Computer Breaches

With the right liability policy from Axis, you can protect your small business from a variety of legal challenges. Policies usually cover damages related to the following areas:

  • Network security
  • Privacy breach response expenses
  • Business interruption and work stoppages
  • Regulatory penalties
    Network assets
    If your small business collects or stores customer data, you must do what you can to prevent its misuse. With a privacy and the network security liability insurance policy from Axis, you can help ward off costly lawsuits.

Avoid These Homeowners’ Insurance Mistakes

While you may do your research before purchasing an insurance policy, you still want to be careful. Some consumers focus too much on getting the best deal that they overlook crucial details. The biggest deal is usually the biggest motivator for homeowners. While a good deal matters, it might make you overlook necessary contingencies. Before you make your Glen Rock home insurance purchase, consider these common mistakes.

No Customized Policy

Some homeowners don’t consider what a customized policy could do for them. They snag the best prepackaged deal. While there are circumstances where you might need a customized policy, everyone’s situation is different. Make sure that you consider customized policies before purchasing.

No Discounts

When buying insurance, ask about discounts. Don’t assume that there are no discounts. Your agent can help research which discounts you qualify to receive. Unless you ask about them, however, your agent may not know to look for you.

Not Enough Insurance

Too many homeowners skip out on enough coverage. The rule is to make sure that you have enough coverage to rebuild your home or at least allow you to pay the deposit on a new rental and replace your personal belongings.

If you want to find the best Glen Rock Home insurance policies, it’s important to understand the common mistakes and to avoid them.


What is a Business Owner’s Policy?

A business owners policy in Carmel is a type of business insurance package devised for the convenience of small and mid-sized companies. It is a culmination of services meant to contain coverages that will protect your business.

Key Features

BOP insurance includes a lot of different coverages in one policy. Some main features may include:

  • • Property and Liability Insurance Bundle: Many companies find the need to invest in both property and liability insurance to adequately protect their business. In one bundle your business gets protection from claims by non-employees of bodily injury, accidental damage to others’ property, medical fees associated with injuries and protection for your business’s equipment, merchandise, and other property.
    • Multiple Locations: Many policies will ensure your property for up to five office locations. This makes it easier to protect your inventory and other equipment at multiple locations at once. It may even cover leased furniture or equipment.
    • Additional Options: Out-of-pocket costs can have a real impact on your small business. You may be able to bundle additional coverage options that protect you against costs incurred is forced to close temporarily due to theft, fire or loss of data.


These plans are beneficial to small businesses that are on a budget. A business owners policy in Carmel may save on costs over purchasing individual plans. It also reduces the decision a business owner needs to make. You get the basic policies you need in one fell swoop.


Simplifying Business Insurance

With so many coverage options available, it can be tempting for new business owners to simply settle for the lowest-priced insurance policy without working to find the coverage that meets their needs. If you’re searching for Brooklyn business insurance, here is a simplified breakdown of the most popular coverages that you’ll likely need to include in your policy.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers your physical and digital property. In case of a fire, storm, theft or vandalism, it offers payment towards the repair or replacement of any covered items. Some policies even offer payment towards potential revenue you missed out on because of your lost or damaged property.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers your business in case a non-employee claims that they were hurt or experienced some sort of loss because of your business activities. Any legal or medical fees will be covered by this part of your policy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation isn’t always required by law, but it’s highly recommended even if you only have one employee. Your policy will cover legal and medical fees and can be used to pay your employee’s salary while they’re away from work because of an on-the-job accident.

Understanding business insurance isn’t as difficult as it seems. Working with an experienced Brooklyn business insurance agent can make it even easier to find the coverage that meets your exact needs.


What You Should Know About Business Insurance

Are you looking for New Jersey business insurance? As you go through your search, there are three types of coverage that you should be sure to include in your new policy to keep your business protected.

Liability Insurance

If a third party experiences bodily injury or property loss because of your business, liability insurance will cover any attorneys’ fees as well as any settlement or judgment amounts. Commercial and professional are two of the more popular forms of liability insurance, but there are other types available depending on your needs.

Property Insurance

Property insurance offers payment towards the repair or replacement of your property in case they are lost or damaged due to a fire, storm, theft or another covered event. Some policies will even cover your digital property and offer payment towards revenue you missed out on because of your property loss.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

It’s recommended that you carry workers’ compensation even if you have just one employee. In case of a work-related accident, your policy will cover any associated legal and medical payments. If your employee has to be away from work because of the accident, certain policies will pay their salary while they’re out.

Finding the right insurance coverage doesn’t have to be difficult. Working with an experienced agent who understands New Jersey business insurance can make the process even easier.


Things to Take Into Account When Seeking Quotes for Yacht Insurance

The first thing you should consider when seeking out yacht insurance quotes is the age and size of your vessel. If it is over 10 years of age and 27-feet-plus, you may be required to secure a marine survey. You should also take into account the following.

The Yacht

The yacht itself must be covered from bow to stern to protect it against accidents, theft, vandalism, and weather. In addition to hull coverage, you should make certain you insure the

  • Electronic entertainment and navigation equipment
  • Radar
  • Relaxation tubs and water features
  • Satellite TV, phones, and equipment

In addition, your yacht may seep oil or other pollution into the water, and you will be liable for it. Get a quote for insurance protection against this.


If you have a crew, you need to look into commercial coverage. A crew may turn your yacht from a personal vessel to a commercial one. You should also protect your passengers and yourself, including

  • Belongings everyone brings on board
  • Emergency assistance in the event something happens on the water
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Protection and indemnity against damages, injury, and medical expenses

Look for a carrier who can insure you worldwide if you’re really feeling ambitious.

Include all of this and more when you seek out yacht insurance quotes. You can never be over-insured in your luxurious vessel.


Don’t Let a Hurricane Decimate Your Business

Did you know that manufacturers insurance in Orlando can be a critical boon for your business during the early summer and fall months? As the tides turn and tropical storms roll across the Atlantic seaboard, your business can face a multitude of potential threats, including:


Property damage from gale force winds

Equipment loss from electrical surges


Inventory loss from flooding without a comprehensive insurance portfolio, any one of these events can lead to significant revenue loss and put your business in jeopardy. Fortunately, premium manufacturers insurance can help you mitigate or overcome these risks and keep your business protected during the worst of the hurricane season.Hurricane-Critical ProtectionsAlthough every business will need a unique policy to meet its operational needs, any business in the path of a hurricane can benefit immensely from the following two types of protection:

1. Property Protection

Falling trees can pack a wallop on your budget, so consider adding property insurance to keep your reconstruction costs to a minimum.

2. Business Interruption

Hurricanes can take your business out of pocket for days or even weeks at a time, so it’s critical to protect yourself with insurance that can replace your revenue while you focus on recovery.

Year-Round Benefits

Although property and business interruption insurance can help your business get back on its feet after a hurricane, these protections can be just as crucial once hurricane season is over. Keep your business and bottom line protected year-round with premiere manufacturers insurance in Orlando.


What is BOP Coverage?

Small businesses are at risk for certain types of claims as much as larger organizations. A Business Owner’s Policy combines business liability and property insurance into a single policy and may have a reduced premium. There are several reasons Carmel business owner’s policy coverages make financial sense.

Small businesses should consider this kind of package if they have a physical location, whether it is owned or rented commercial space or a home office. A BOP should also be considered if there is a possibility of a lawsuit being brought as a result of a customer being injured in the workspace. Digital assets, customer data, cash, equipment and inventory can be crucial to the success of a small business. If any of these are on-site, a business owner’s policy should be in place for protection against theft or damage.

A BOP simplifies coverage needs by bundling property and business liability insurance into one policy. Commercial property insurance can protect buildings, equipment, fixtures and inventory as well as the loss of valuable records and accounts receivable. Liability insurance covers lawsuits in instances where a business is liable physical or reputational damage.

Landlords, banks and other entities may require Carmel business owner’s policy coverages before space can be leased or loans approved. Having the right coverage reduces risk and enables business owners to focus on their business and not potential lawsuits.