Liabilities for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies can help match businesses with the best talent possible for their staffing needs. They are able to screen, prepare, organize and sort through a pool of potential candidates and refer them to anyone needing someone with their qualifications for temporary employment or something more long-term. Regardless of the usefulness of these types of services provided by a staffing professional liability for mishaps is something that should be established well in advance. By understanding the risks that exist in these types of businesses, it can be easier to plan ahead to ensure that these agencies protect themselves.

Challenges in the Field

Any experienced professional in the staffing agency likely understands the types of events that require safeguards to be put in place. The experts at outline some of the main concerns for those in this work field:
Ensuring that the candidates these agencies provide are competent and do not cause damage to their clients’ businesses
Referred workers produce high-quality work for clients
Professionals are appropriately matched to the proper jobs
Because these types of workers are unique in nature, operating under the rules of their home agency on top of the demands of their contracted workplaces, finding the right coverage for them can cause some confusion. Luckily, by consulting with experts who specialize specifically with the needs of these types of agencies, their workers and their clients, it can be easier to ensure that all parties involved are protected.


The Basics of Umbrella Coverage

Businesses require a number of insurance policies to ensure protection. To own a company already requires some risk-taking. As a business owner, you want to mitigate as much risk as possible and the best way to perform this task is through the right insurance policies.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

So what is umbrella insurance? A commercial umbrella policy supplements existing policies. As discussed by, umbrella insurance protects your company in case of high-cost liability judgments. For instance, say that your company is dealing with a lawsuit that exceeds your current level of coverage. Umbrella insurance covers the gaps in your coverage to offer full protection.

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

Many different businesses can benefit from an umbrella policy. Most businesses do not have a large amount of money to spend on lawsuits. It helps to have coverage that does. Now, keep in mind that umbrella policies only supplement certain policies. For instance, it may only cover general liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance or auto liability insurance.
Generally, umbrella insurance is a great way to get more coverage on your existing policies. Many businesses do not have enough coverage. It is better to have protection than to have to deal with the consequences of not having enough coverage.
Businesses require a number of insurance policies to ensure protection. To own a company already requires some risk-taking. As a business owner, you want to mitigate as much risk as possible and the best way to perform this task is through the right insurance policies.


Selecting a Policy To Meet the Demands of Your Business

As the owner of a business that transports cargo across vast distances, there are certain requirements you need to consider to keep your company safe. The right insurance policy will make a big difference in the event of an accident while a vehicle is en route to its final destination. Understanding the risk for transportation services can help you get a better feel for what moves you need to take to keep your business protected.

Liability Considerations

As reported by the experts at, liability is a primary area to pay attention to when selecting coverage for your business. Policies are available for local, intermediate, and extended-intermediate hauls. Depending on the exact nature of your business, the type of liability policy you select will vary. Other areas to pay attention to when determining your coverage include:

Cargo Liability
Physical Damage
Non-Trucking Liability
Protect Your Business

Accidents can happen on the road due to a variety of reasons. Even the most qualified and experienced of drivers can run into incidents due to the negligence of other people on the road. To keep your workers and your client’s cargo protected, a comprehensive policy is required.
Take time to consider the unique needs of your transportation business. This information will help you select a policy that will protect your company when faced with the unknown challenges of the road.


4 Ways to Prevent Employee Theft in Your Warehouse

If you have experienced a financial loss or inventory shrinkage, the last place you want to look is at your own employees. We want to believe those closest to us would never do something like that. However, warehouse loss is a real problem and one that deserves your attention.
While your insurance with a company like can help you cover those liabilities, they don’t address the issue. Use these tips on how to prevent warehouse theft.

Background Checks

Before you hire an employee, run a quick background check on them. Doing your due diligence in the hiring process can help you prevent employee theft.

Stock Access

One way to prevent theft by an employee loading new materials onto a truck is to separate the shipping docks and receiving areas. By separating them, employees have less access to stock. It makes it more difficult to perform this type of theft.

Regular Checks

Regularly check the stock. Small thefts often go unnoticed, but you can notice small thefts more easily by regularly checking the stock.

Educate Staff

Have a theft policy in place for your employees. Make sure they understand what company policy is regarding theft and the consequences if caught. Sometimes educating staff is enough to deter most.
How to prevent warehouse theft starts with the hiring process. Keeping an eye out on the happenings in and around your warehouse can deter theft because employees know you are watching. Ensure your warehouse should theft happen to avoid the financial loss associated with it.


Why Insurance for Sailboats is Necessary Before Going Out on the Water

Anyone who owns a sailboat knows how enjoyable it is to take their boat out on the water. Before doing so, it’s important to have coverage that relates specifically to the needs of a sailboat. Here’s a closer look at why sailboat insurance is so important.

It Can Protect in Case of an Accident

If an accident occurs, there can be a lot of damage that happens not only to the boat, but anything else in its path, or any people on board. Having sailboat insurance can ensure that only certain people are allowed to drive the boat, according to This can keep you and your boat protected in case of an accident, so you are not held liable if someone unauthorized to drive your boat does so.

Sailboat Coverage Can Help in Repairs

Dealing with repairs can be overwhelming if something needs to get fixed and it is an expense that seems to come out of nowhere. By choosing to have protection, certain types of repairs are covered, usually, if they were associated with an accident. If someone else hurts your boat and they are at fault, the insurance can help cover these repairs.

Having Protection Prevents Problems

Having the necessary sailboat insurance prevents problems from occurring. Your boat will remain safe if it gets into the wrong hands, and the insurance can help pay for damages that you are not at fault for. These are just a few of the benefits of having sailboat coverage.


Growing Your Agency Through Digitization

As consumers move to keep up with technology, so too do those who service the consumers need to understand the impacts of digital trends. Insurance firms that have long relied on agents to deliver and convert leads might soon find themselves falling behind the competition, as digital insurance strategies are proving to be the most successful for growing coverage provider companies. as seen on, it is more costly to pursue old techniques and strategies than to embrace the digital opportunities that hold growth potential for the company. A digital presence that provides excellent customer service, converts leads and promotes client retention is a strategy worth the investment.

Areas of Opportunity

Most of the digital initiatives that have been pursued in the insurance industry include:

Creating customer portions
Addressing areas of weakness
Improving analytic capabilities
Digitizing individual services

However, as much as digital strategies hold promise, it can be hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Agents who are more comfortable pursuing leads and operating according to their comfort zone find it hard to convert to a less involved system. The infrastructure and IT systems of a company may be unable to produce the changes needed to effectively implement a new program. Lastly, the products offered may not fit neatly into an existing digitized mold. However, just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean the trends should be ignored. The sooner an agency can get on board, the more successful they will become.


An Overview of Experience Modification and Workers’ Compensation

When an employee is injured in the workplace, it can lead to some complications for the company. For one, it will have a direct impact on insurance coverage. Your EMR rating, for example, tends to be affected after the event of an injury.

Determining the Number

Also known as the Experience Modification Rating, this number is what insurance providers use to gauge your insurance needs and coverage costs. Essentially, the number is determined by examining any previous workers’ compensation claims put in by your company. This number is used to determine the probability of another claim being made in the near future. Should the provider find your company to be a risk, you may receive a negative rating.

A Good Reason

The experts at Northstar Insurance Services believe there is a good reason for this rating. Insurance agencies want to incentivize companies to create safer work environments and this rating is their attempt at doing so. This rating system also allows insurance agencies to spread the costs associated with insurance to all involved parties.
Having a clear understanding of your EMR rating is a great way to understand where you stand with your insurance coverage. Learn more about how you can improve your rating and take the steps required to create a safer and more productive work environment for your employees.


The Protection Your Business Needs

Have you insured your Connecticut business to provide security from risks in your industry? Covering your risks means you can relax and conduct your business without worries. To do that, you need business insurance in CT that protects your company from claims.

A Wide Range of Policies for You

There’s nothing worse than realizing there’s an area you don’t have insurance coverage for. Fortunately, there are plenty of policies that cover all areas of your business. An insurance agent can help you perform an evaluation of your current and potential risks so that your company can be protected. Brynes’ business insurance programs indicate that there are certain policies that companies can benefit from across various industries. These provide coverage in the following areas:

Cyber liability
Workers’ compensation
Commercial auto insurance
General liability
Excess liability
Professional liability
Directors and officers liability
Employment practices liability

The policies you choose depend on your industry and your risks, so it is important to conduct a thorough risk assessment and practice due diligence. That way, you can ensure your business, your employees and your consumers are protected.

Keeping Your Business Safe and Operational

Claims filed against a company can slow down operations and cause irreparable damage, but business insurance in CT is here to help you mitigate those risks. The right insurance really does make a difference.


Stay Safe While on the Road

Getting behind the wheel of a car is like rolling dice. No matter how cautious of a driver you might consider yourself, you’re always gambling a bit when you hit the road. To protect yourself and those in your vehicle, you need to consider the right auto policy for your needs. Before you seek help from organizations like Arroyo Insurance Services in Arcadia, you want to think about your coverage options and what services will benefit you most.

Explore Policy Options

All drivers in the United States are required by law to have a basic form of car insurance. Drivers can opt for more in-depth policies should they require them. The two biggest options you will be presented with are a collision and comprehensive coverage. There are advantages to both options, though neither are mandatory in most places.

Collision and Comprehensive

Collision pays for repairs caused by your vehicle to another object. This can include anything from another car to a fence. Comprehensive coverage protects your car in the event of an accident that doesn’t involve a collision. If your car is stolen, for example, and damaged before being recovered by authorities, a comprehensive option will help cover the costs of repair.
Taking out the right auto policy from organizations like Arroyo Insurance Services in Arcadia is important. Protect yourself while you’re behind the wheel and explore all of your coverage options.


Get Insurance To Protect Your Staffing Agency From These Data Breaches

In the past decade, the cybercriminal has become more sophisticated in his or her ability to infiltrate almost any source of data and remove potentially sensitive information. Huge companies with monster firewalls have become the victims of security breaches, network thefts, and computer break-ins. This has led to many business owners asking about which of the following are common causes of breaches and what they can do about it.

Common Breaches

Although more companies are becoming educated in the signs of possible data breaches and security weakness, the attacks still happen every day.

Fighting back can be difficult because data breaches and cybercrimes are often a result of the following:

Misuse of private information
Physical actions such as theft
Mistakes and human error
Scanning malware attacks
Cyber hacking by criminals

No matter how the data breach occurs, it almost always takes the company by surprise and can result in damage to clients, related consumers, and the company itself.

Insurance Protection

To protect yourself from cyber-attacks and data breaches, get Staffing Security & Privacy Liability Insurance today. Not only will it protect your client’s information from criminal mischief, but you will also no longer need to ask yourself which of the following are common causes of breaches and how can I protect my clients. You can rest assured your insurance has your back if a cyber-criminal attacks your company.