The Fallout series of video games has been a firm favourite for years now with gamers. When Bethesda first announced Fallout 3 fans were rabid with excitement. Now I understand that there are a large amount of people who for some reason or another prefer Fallout 2. Perhaps Fallout 3 suffered from being to hype up, but I love the game and wanted to share my thoughts.

At its hears I guess that you could say that Fallout 3 is a role playing game and I think that is a great description, but it is also a action game. It has a great story that sees you in a world that was ravaged many years earlier by a nuclear apocalypse.

You start out in a bunker that is home to many people who are deep underground to escape the effects of the nuclear fallout. However it is not long before you venture out into the vast world and really begin your adventure.

Without spoiling the story it’s a very great and epic adventure and even has some great humour thrown in there also. What make sit so great is how you can just go and do your own thing if you want. Bethesda is great at making these open world style games. And the nuclear ravaged world they have created in Fallout 3 strangely may very well be the most beautiful one they have created.

Fallout 3 is not for everyone out there as it does have quite a slow beginning that I know may put some gamers off, but if you stick with it Fallout 3 offers an amazing experience that you will never forget.