You and your team work hard to make your small business a success. It is incredible how quickly one disaster can wipe out all of your efforts. A Carmel business owner policy provides you and your business with protection from such debilitating disasters.

Small Business Insurance

As a small business, there are several policies you should have.

  • General liability insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance

All of these policies help protect you against damages and loss. They add up quickly though. Many insurance companies have started bundling multiple policies together into a package for small businesses.

Business Owner’s Policy

There are many benefits to a Carmel business owner policy. Typically, these bundles include general liability insurance, property insurance and business interruption insurance. Although these are the standard policies, many insurance providers allow businesses to modify them to fit their business. You also usually have the option add additional coverages to your BOP insurance.

If you qualify for BOP insurance, you can save money by buying standalone policies. Many small businesses find that these bundles suit their needs very well. They provide the three main coverages most businesses need. You can easily add workers compensation and professional liability insurance onto your business owner’s policy and enjoy the safety that insurance provides.