Directors and officers are often blamed in cases of third-party losses when involved in a company. However, this often time is unfair or unwarranted, as mistakes, poor decisions and other unavoidable problems happen. Nobody is perfect and it’s impossible to know exactly how things are going to turn out. When company management is put under the pressure of legal fees, this can often cause problems for the company as a whole, creating losses and strains on the corporate balance.

Axis Management Liability Coverage offers insurance policies which can protect management individuals and the company as a whole. Coverage parts include:

  • A: Directors and Officers, for management individuals unable to compensate for claims
  • B: Indemnification of Officers, to cover the costs the business indemnifies the directors and officers after they paid a claim
  • C: Entity Coverage, which protects the company when it is accused as part of a claim

When covering your business for directors and officers (D&O) policies, there are many important aspects to keep in mind.

Axis Insurance Services, LLC can work with your company to create a coverage program that fits to it specifically. As a whole, Axis Management Liability Coverage makes sure that that focus is put on making sure both individuals and the company altogether is covered, Employment Practices Liability (EPL) can be included inexpensively, paying attention to if your policy segregates individuals or doesn’t cover penalties or fines, and other important aspects to D&O insurance.