Being involved with a homeowners’ association is supposed to benefit both you and the community. However, there are times when being a director or officer on such a board can leave you open to a number of legal claims. In order to protect yourself, adequate insurance is a must. Naturally, you might not be sure how to customize a policy to fit your needs. Review these common liability claims for directors and officers of homeowners’ associations and gain a bit of insight. 

The Most Common Claims 

Of the top HOA D&O Liability claims, one of the most common is the claim of negligence. Tenants, contractors, and other individuals associated with the community can come forward and accuse a member of the board of making decisions that led to more serious problems. Since this can reflect poorly upon the board as a whole, many people find that taking out additional policies to protect these individuals from being held responsible for their actions is a wise way to keep all bases covered. Other common claims you may encounter include: 

  • Property damage
  • Faulty or broken fixtures in units
  • Harassment 

The Best Solution

Though you never know what to expect when you take on a position with an HOA, you want to be sure that you and your directors remain shielded from harm. Take time to review the ins and outs of HOA D&O liability and find the perfect way to protect yourself.