When an employee is injured in the workplace, it can lead to some complications for the company. For one, it will have a direct impact on insurance coverage. Your EMR rating, for example, tends to be affected after the event of an injury.

Determining the Number

Also known as the Experience Modification Rating, this number is what insurance providers use to gauge your insurance needs and coverage costs. Essentially, the number is determined by examining any previous workers’ compensation claims put in by your company. This number is used to determine the probability of another claim being made in the near future. Should the provider find your company to be a risk, you may receive a negative rating.

A Good Reason

The experts at Northstar Insurance Services believe there is a good reason for this rating. Insurance agencies want to incentivize companies to create safer work environments and this rating is their attempt at doing so. This rating system also allows insurance agencies to spread the costs associated with insurance to all involved parties.
Having a clear understanding of your EMR rating is a great way to understand where you stand with your insurance coverage. Learn more about how you can improve your rating and take the steps required to create a safer and more productive work environment for your employees.