Insurance needs vary by location and applicable regulations. For instance, those in the state of New Jersey will find the government requires three types of auto insurance. Potential Palisades insurance needs will include vehicle coverage, but also address residential and commercial concerns.

Property Ownership

Whether you own a piece of commercial real estate or simply maintain your residence in the area, there are several liabilities you might encounter. There are four categories of individuals that will associate with your property: invitee, licensee, social guest, or trespasser. Depending on the situation, any one of these individuals may bring a lawsuit against you or your business for an injury sustained while on your property. There are several factors that are considered when it comes to legal issues involving accidents. They could include:

  • Circumstances by which the individual entered the property
  • The operations occurring on the property
  • The probability of an accident or injury occurring while on the property
  • The reasonable effort put forth by the owners to avoid, repair or warn of dangerous conditions on the property

With Palisades insurance inquiries, you will want to consider the most comprehensive way to address legal liabilities with property ownership. The limits and exposures will vary between residential and commercial properties, so be sure to explain in full detail the uses and intentions for your property.