Educational facilities have unique needs, and it does not matter whether they are public or private, for profit or not. The unique duties provided by K-12 educators have lifelong implications for students, and today’s parents are litigious about possible problems or oversights. That is why school based insurance programs are there, and they have been there for a long time. Today’s programs have to suit today’s risks, though, and that includes both classic and contemporary problems:

  • Liability and legal accusations related to mass shooting events
  • Civil rights litigation defense assistance and coverage for damages
  • Professional liability relating to curriculum development and implementation
  • Additional liability protection to cover non-teaching roles

This type of policy has many names but is often simply referred to as teacher liability insurance. That name is a little over-simplified, though. A good policy will not only protect teachers in your institution, but all related staff, trustees, and other decision-makers.

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Education liability insurance is available for schools and universities of all kinds, not just those in the traditional K-12 pipeline. If your organization employs teachers and fulfills an educational mandate, it’s worth contacting a teacher liability program to see what coverage options and prices look like for your staff. It protects your finances and your reputation so you can make sure every student is well-served by your curriculum.