If you have experienced a financial loss or inventory shrinkage, the last place you want to look is at your own employees. We want to believe those closest to us would never do something like that. However, warehouse loss is a real problem and one that deserves your attention.
While your insurance with a company like hilbgroupfl.com can help you cover those liabilities, they don’t address the issue. Use these tips on how to prevent warehouse theft.

Background Checks

Before you hire an employee, run a quick background check on them. Doing your due diligence in the hiring process can help you prevent employee theft.

Stock Access

One way to prevent theft by an employee loading new materials onto a truck is to separate the shipping docks and receiving areas. By separating them, employees have less access to stock. It makes it more difficult to perform this type of theft.

Regular Checks

Regularly check the stock. Small thefts often go unnoticed, but you can notice small thefts more easily by regularly checking the stock.

Educate Staff

Have a theft policy in place for your employees. Make sure they understand what company policy is regarding theft and the consequences if caught. Sometimes educating staff is enough to deter most.
How to prevent warehouse theft starts with the hiring process. Keeping an eye out on the happenings in and around your warehouse can deter theft because employees know you are watching. Ensure your warehouse should theft happen to avoid the financial loss associated with it.