There are many common misconceptions about social workers. With a solid social work liability insurance policy, those in the field can protect themselves from the daily risks they face. Here are some common misconceptions everyone should know about social workers.

Mental Health

Social workers are an essential part of the mental health services provided in America. In fact, they may be the only mental health professionals in underserved areas. According to David Sayles Insurance, difficult clients and issues are common in the field.

Prioritize Outcome

The field isn’t known for its high incomes, but most social workers go into the industry to help people. They want to see positive outcomes and feel like they are meaningfully contributing to their communities and society.

Work Day

Most social workers do not work a standard 8-hour day. Many of them complete paperwork at home, spend more time in the community and attend court hearings.

Location Variability

The field is diverse and broad encompassing more than just individuals. Social workers may operate in government agencies, nonprofit agencies, schools, hospitals, universities, and corporations. Many stay politically active at the local to national levels focusing on positively impacting adults and children.

With all the good work done, mistakes still happen to make social work liability insurance a necessity. Protecting yourself against the financial loss associated with a lawsuit allows you to focus on helping those in your community.