You can’t attend a classic car show without encountering at least one 1957 Chevrolet. These midcentury marvels are popular and sought-after by classic car collectors. Have you ever wondered what makes this particular vehicle so special? Here are the top three reasons collectors love the ’57 Chevy.


It seems that everything from long ago was built for beauty and function, and the 1957 Chevy was no exception. The Bel Air, along with Chevy’s more affordable options that year, was decked out in dazzling chrome, symmetrical design and sleek curves. These elements along with its age make it one of the more popular vehicles to be covered under classic car insurance.


The Bel Air came with an optional 283 cubic inch V-8 “Blue Flame” engine that made it powerful relative to its weight. It was a muscle car before there even were muscle cars, and collectors appreciate the vehicle just as much for what’s under the hood as they do for its classic style.


The tail fins, the round headlights, and the color options are all particular to the time and place where the vehicle was born. The tail fins were reminiscent of aircraft and made the trim popular with returning GIs who were enjoying the postwar economy that made it possible to own such a vehicle. In a sense, the vehicle embodied the prosperity and freedom that was the spirit of 1950s America.

Design trends are experiencing a midcentury revival of sorts in many different sectors. However, among all the iconic relics of that era, the 1957 Chevrolet has reached its zenith.