Owning a marina can be a profitable enterprise. However, there are also risks that can dismantle your operation by causing damage to your property or your customers’ property. Marina liability coverage can protect against these three common dangers threatening your marina daily.


Nobody can control the weather. Coastal regions are often subject to turbulent water-born storms and heavy rainfall. If vessels docked at your harbor or your buildings suffer damage, you want to make sure you’ll be properly compensated.


Unfortunately, troublemakers with graffiti or harmful tools can cause visually displeasing harm to your marina. You can protect the exterior of boats and buildings with marina liability coverage that can assist with repairs.

3.Operation Mistakes

Customers paying to rent out space at your harbor don’t want to collide with a vessel. Similarly, it doesn’t do anyone any good if cargo gets damaged as your crew is transporting it from a vessel to the pier. Many mishaps can befall your marina, but you won’t have to foot the bill with proper coverage.

Marina liability coverage is a great investment for anyone looking to keep their enterprise profitable. A quality plan can do wonders for a negative event or disaster. Storms, vandalism and operation mistakes are just three dangers that should qualify for financial aid.